"Kasa wo motanai aritachi wa" - Summary

"There she blows!"

Hello everybody who's still here.
I come back to post my summary of Shige's short stories included in his latest book "Kasa wo motanai aritachi wa".
I am not a big fan of short stories usually, but once again I should have been more trustful of Shige, because these were really nice. Each of them, as Shige's previous novels, has unexpected turns and are totally surprising and exciting to read.
I also appreciated the difference of styles: we have a love story, a spy-like business novel, a meta story, a sci-fi one, a creepy story and finally a bildungsroman.
Please enjoy my not too much detailed summary, I hope it will make happy the fans who cannot read Japanese :)

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NEWS 11th anniversary

Hello my dear LJ followers and friends, it's been a long time! I hope you're all fine!
I want to write a little something to celebrate and remember NEWS' 11th anniversary

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ps: I take the chance to advertise the new NEWS community created by some of my best fandom friends:
♥ 4newsfans ♥
The aim of this group is to unify the fandom and have once again a cool and useful place to always keep updated with NEWS! Please join and participate!


[Translation] Photoshigenic #77

PhotoShigenic #77

You probably remember the big snow of February. It hadn't snowed so much in Tokyo in 45 years. A lot of people mush have changed their plans for the day because of snow, right? The cancellation of a long-awaited event, your favourite boots worn out by the snow, your dog getting mad because he can't go out, etc. Even here at WU we had to retake a lot of photos.
...That's Shige's fault though.

[Forgive me, Japanese people]
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[Translation] Photoshigenic #76

PhotoShigenic #76

As mentioned in the main interview, Shige spent the beginning of the year shut at home, writing his latest novel. Concerned about every single phrase and word he absolutely needed his synonyms and antonyms dictionary and such. In the middle of this Shige had an interesting conversation with a kouhai in the dressing room of the Johnny's Countdown. Actually it was more of a nice haziness that not even his dictionaries could solve...

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[Translation] Photoshigenic #75

PhotoShigenic #75

Before the interview Shige went to get the flu vaccine, but his temperature raised to 37.4° and he had to go home earlier.
He said: "My nose was very runny but I didn't think I had a cold. Since I checked I started feeling really bad! I will drink an energy drink and since they say that illness comes from the mood, from now on I'll convince myself I'm not sick!"
Measuring the temperature and drinking the nutritional drink mean that you already lost to your feelings, Shige. We better keep these thought for ourselves though.
His 2013 resolution was "not catching a cold" and it finished now, on early December. Good luck with the new year, dear Shige.


[At the moment: 37.4°c // Illness is all about the mood...!]
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[Translation] Photoshigenic #74

PhotoShigenic #74

Shige went to pay a visit to a married couple who just gave birth to a baby girl.
Wanting to buy a nice present, he went browsing some baby goods stores.
Shige's real ambition is to train to "conquer the affection of Koyama's future children", let's keep it secret to Koyama though (?!)
We wonder how crazy in love Shige will become when he will have his own kids...


[Goo~ "A present for the princess"]
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Shige & kids is always an adorable subject ♥ I'm sorry for being so MIA with my translations...I'm not even busy but well... orz
Anyway, I want to thank you for the birthday wishes I received (here, on Twitter, Facebook, Line, etc...) this weekend. I'm very thankful ♥ I love you~