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09 November 2011 @ 08:39 pm

-Firstly, a word from the new leader Koyama-kun.

K: Well then, Shige!

S: Pff (lol)

K: There's a back story to that.

S: Right. After the announcement we decided to go to eat out together and Koyama booked in a high-class yakiniku restaurant around midnight. The previous day he told me during a phone call: "I was thinking to become the new leader...". So when we were all together and the bill was about to come so I said the words that Koyama couldn't say: "Koyama said that he wants to be the leader".

K: I asked: "Is it okay with you?" and Massu replied: "Well, thank you for the dinner then!" (lol)

S: Like: "A leader treat the dinner to his members, right?"

K: In reality they went on even after the bill, they kept to order food, Massu had salade two times.

S: Tegoshi asked for awabi too.

T: Right! (lol)

S: I don't really know what a leader should do but it seems that he has to pay.

M: Uhuhuhuh (lol)

-What did you think when you candidated yourself for being the leader?

K: I thought that it was better if somebody did that. I think that it should be somebody who, for example, collects the various ideas on what to do when we go out to have dinner and such things. I had no idea about that "other thing" though.

S: Anyway when there was the announcement you sent us mails, after all you really have that role.

-How do you feel about what Koyama said?

K: By the way, Massu hasn't recognized me yet.

T: Right! He said that.

M: I just think that we should see the actual results.

[Wow Massu hidoi! XD]

K: How serious! (lol)

M: And moreover I'm your senpai!

K: He really is (lol)

S: In reality Tegoshi who's the youngest one here is the most high-ranked one (lol)

T: Uh? (Changing topic) Anyway, I'm really happy! (lol)

All: Ahahahah (lol)

T: It's like I gained somebody to take care of me when I'm hungry (lol)

K: How convenient for you (lol)

S: Not only he's a "Messhi", Koyama is also a "Asshi"

[Messhi = Guy used by a girl only to pay for her meals
Asshi = Guy used by a girl only to drive her around

LOL Koyama is Tegoshi's toy boy X°D ]

M: It would be funny to go to concerts with Koyama's car (lol)

K: And when I'll say "We finally arrived!" you would all sleep (lol)

M: Anyway, now you said that and I want to be able to recognize you soon.

S: The load of a leader is indeed heavy (lol)

K: Right (lol). From now on I'll do my best so that I will be able to show you that I can do it when we'll have new activities!

-Do you think he can do it?

S: Well, he's an hard-working guy.

T: And he's serious.

S: He is, he's also old.

[Shige's really a teaser :D]

K: Oi! (lol)

S: Massu is a senpai but he doesn't look like a leader. Me and Tegoshi as well, right? So we have no other choice! (lol)

K: Uhuhuh (lol)

S: By a process of elimination! (lol)

M: Exactly! (lol)

T: I'm the captain of my soccer team!

S: On what basis? (lol)

T: Because I had two positions (lol)

K: Anyway I'm curious now, who's the leader in TegoMass?

M: Both of us (lol)

K: Both? (lol) Don't you have fixed tasks?

T: Mine is the MC!

M: Eh? I'm in charge of the MC!

K: Ahahah (lol). What is this? You don't even know that by ourselves? (lol)

T: Really, I can't accept this person! He always does whatever he wants! (lol)

[Ahahahah Koyama made TM fight XD]

-Tell us about your choice of going on with NEWS.

K: We know that we have fans who always waited for us so we didn't want to put it to an end, we all felt in this way. To pay them back we really have to do something new.

S-M-T: Yup!

-What would you like to do as a group now?

S: We're the members who starred in the tv show "Soukon", we think it would be nice to have another variety show. Then, a live. All of us want to stand in front of the fans who waited for us as soon as possible.

T: We'd do anything! Everything's fine!

[Read as: We're desperate  LOL]

K: Right!

M: I feel the duty to preserve the songs we produced until now too, I want to go on singing them!

S: Wouldn't you like to play in a movie too?

K: Nice! A movie!

M: Good, Shige film it!

S: Eh? I film it?

M: You won't play in that!

S: It's fine but... (lol)

K: You'll write and film it but won't appear in it! (lol)  Only in the very last scene!

[Poor Shige! èAé I won't watch it then! ><]

S: Like a cameo? It'd be fine like this too. Ok, I will do it!

K: Uhuhuh (lol)

M: Koyama should be the catering guy or the handyman.

K: The catering guy? (lol)

S: The producing staff! (lol)

-What kind of movie would it be?

K: Shige will think about it!

M: Let us hear that!

S: Ehh! That's annoying!! (lol)

K: I know you can create a scenario immediately right now! (lol)

M: Shigerio...Ah sorry it's scenario! (lol)

[Ohhh Massu's puns >_>]

S: Uhm...I want to do a very serious movie.

T: A love comedy would be good!!

K: It's pretty different, isn't it?

T: If it were a love comedy the cast is decided, you fall in love with me. (grins)

[Not sure about this line ><]

S: Only that?

T: Ehh?!

S: Yep! (lol)

T: There will be only the four of us?

S: Sure, it can be only us, also in a love comedy.

K: That's hard (lol)

S: Since I'm not going to appear in that I can put in lots of kiss scenes! (lol)

[Here too, the evil teaser :D]

M: Well ok, I won't be in it too! (lol)

-Will the positions you had until now change?

K: We can't know that until we don't do try to do that.

T: But I'm on the side half, I'm an ala.

K: What is that "ala" now?

T: A soccer thing!

["Ala" is "Wing" in Italian, basically the soccer player who plays on the sides]

K: Ahh I see (lol). Ok, let's decide with soccer positions.

T: Shige...

M: In bench! Bench!

K: He won't appear (lol)

T: Shige is the coach!

[He used the same word of movie director ^^]

S: Can I really be the coach? (lol)

K: What is my position?

M: The catering boy is fine (lol)

T: Let me see...the masseur.

K: The trainer!

T: Massu would be the keeper, right?

S: So the only players are TegoMass (lol). Are you complete like that?! (lol)

T: (To Koyama) You'll do the massages ok!

S: Firstly he should get the qualifications to be a trainer, shouldn't he?

K: I wonder if I'm apt to it! (lol)

-Well, say a catch phrase for new NEWS!

M: Catch phrase?

S: Everytime it's so diffucult! Really, Color Pallet! (lol)

T: You will always ask that to us, right?

K: Don't you have one Tegoshi? A perfect catch phrase from nothing! The genius Tegoshi should have one for us, right?

T: (In panic) EHH?!

S: It's coming on Tegoshi-san!

K: It will come soon!

S: I can already see it coming!

K: It is, it is!

[The evil conbi XD So stupid!]

T: It came! (lol) "Hello, we're NEWS!" (lol)

[As "Doumo, NEWS desu!"]

S: You just changed your name with NEWS, didn't you? (lol)

T: It's my catch phrase, right?

S: Like the one "I'm the eternal idol Tegoshi!"

T: Oh well...

S: Did it really come?


[I lol'ed XD]

S: Ahahahahah! (lol)

K: The immortal bird! (lol)

S: It came quite unexpectedly this phoenix (lol). Let's go with this then?

M: Ah! I made a good one! "The clover that brings happiness!"

[Awwww cutieee! >w<]

K: Isn't this good!

S: It's quite inferior to Tegoshi-san's one (lol)

K: But the clover is nice, right? More than the phoenix...

M: It just flew away (lol)

K: The immortal bird was there just for an instant, huh (lol)

[The cross-talking will go on in the next issue!]


-What book do you recommend?

K: "Manatsu no houteishiki" by Higashino Keigo. It was also made into a movie "Yoake no machi de", it was really good. I read only mystery stories and Higashino's novels.

S: As manga I say "Mushi to uta" by Ichikawa Haruko, it's a Sci-Fi. As novel "The door into summer" by Robot Anson Heinlein. It's a Sci-fi as well, it's really interesting.

M: Lately I watch photo collections. Scenaries, people, fashion ones too. I also read many famous fashion magazines.

[It doesn't seem a "book advice" to me Oò ]

T: "The innovation secrets of Steve Jobs". Because when you go on a stage, for example, the good results depends on how good you are to do presentations. It's interesting and it's very easy to understand.

-What is your motto?

K: It's always been: "Never forget your original intentions". It will always be it.

S: "Haste makes waste". Lately I always keep this in mind.

M: Something like: "Be kind to people". I always pay attention to it.

T: It's "Be positive". I want to keep the mentality of "Everything will turn good somehow". It doesn't matter how many times you are obstacled, you have to do what you have to do!

-Tegoshi-kun did bunjee jumping from an helicopter in a tv show. Would you try that too?

K: I don't understand the question (lol). I'd refuse with all my might. High places are impossible to me! No matter what, I'll refuse! (lo)

S: I would do that...but write the suspension dots. I feel right about high places. I'd like to try that once.

M: First of all, I can't ride an helicopter (lol). I'm interested in it but I wouldn't do it. I'm ok with high places. It's just that I don't like them too much.

-When you drink alcohol, who's the one who gets drunk first?

K: Lately it would be me!

M: Isn't that me?

S: Except Koyama everybody is fine with that.

K: Maybe Tegoshi is weaker than me?

S: It's possible!

K: Even though I just need a glass to go "WEEEE" (lol)


T: You said that! (lol)

K: Right now I drink enough.

S: Lately I don't even get red in face.

[Me too Shige, we're two old drinkers already XD]

T: Right, I get a little red after I came back from Italy though.

S: Why?

T: Maybe because I haven't drunk at all for a while?

[I don't believe you. It's not possible to stay in Italy and don't drink! Isn't he a wine lover too? Don't believe him U_U]

S: Ah, I see. It happens.

K: Shige is fine because he's like an old man.


S: Yeah, my way of drinking is different. I drink also when I'm alone.

[I freaking love him XD]

M: I just enjoy a glass from time to time (lol)

-Last time you slept over at Shige's place, where will you do that next?

K-S: Tegoshi's!

T: I don't want!!

S: I already decided to bring the permanent marker with me! I wonder where should I leave my signature. I'll write "Shige"!

K: A 90 minute system would be good too!

[Thanks to my t-list we thought that it may mean that they have only 90 minutes to stay at Tegoshi's house]

T: That would be scary! (lol)

S: Then I would open Tegoshi's most expensive bottle of wine!

T: Uwahh! You're the worse! (lol)

S: Massu, did you ever go to Tegoshi's place?

T: Never!

M: I'd like to see it but I'm not sure to go there, let's go to Shige's home!

S: But whyyyy!

M: There's always something to do there.

T: It's right, let's go to Shige's!

S: Last time he started doing PK on my balance ball, it's unbelievable! (lol)

[Even that?? Gosh they are really annoying! O.O]

T: Ahahah! (lol)

K: But I was the keeper!

S: And he couldn't even catch that ball (lol)

K: Wasn't it funny?

M: It kept the balance of the room!

S: It didn't!

T: Anyway the ball has a big wick so it should be easy to kick it without it rolling around!

K: What are you even saying! (lol)

S: Who knows! (lol)

K: Let's go to Massu's place then!

T: Can we?

S: It seems that when Massu comes back home he has a gyoza party with his family! (lol)

T: Massu's family sounds funny!
YEY another cross-talking with new NEWS! *O*

Funny episode of the day:  The staff of a Japanese Tv Show (TBS or FujiTV, didn't really get the name XD) came during our Japanese class because next week they'll record one of our classes for their show with Akashiya Sanma. Anyway the staff talked a little to us and while me and my friends were talking with a man a girl told another guy I like NEWS. He turned to me and asked me who I like in NEWS, I answered "Kato Shigeaki-san" and his reaction was...


I couldn't help but laugh X°D Shige, it will always be rare for you to have fans X°D
Anyway the guy told us that Akashiya-san knows a lot of Johnnys so when he'll came there we should tell him who we like XD
Dara: NEWSdara_z on November 9th, 2011 07:44 pm (UTC)
First? Thanks you as always Giu! ♥
smilingmaram on November 9th, 2011 08:12 pm (UTC)
Thanks a million Jewels!
I really appreciate this ~^^~ *hugs*
nueruleznuerulez on November 9th, 2011 08:12 pm (UTC)
thanks for translating Giu-chan~ :)
morelianamoreliana on November 9th, 2011 08:15 pm (UTC)
thank you for this lol i love reading the cross talk and lol at how the guy said that its so rare for kato being your favorite
Caroline Melisa: pic#113804895shinhw4_girl on November 9th, 2011 08:18 pm (UTC)
thanks for the translate ^^/
chrisyamapichrisyamapi on November 9th, 2011 08:18 pm (UTC)
That was so precious! (^^) Thank you! I love all these talks!!!
haci37haci37 on November 9th, 2011 08:49 pm (UTC)
Grazie mille!! e... bella risposta!! Concordo pienamente!!
Mi sono preoccupata così tanto per Shige quando ho sentito l'annuncio che non sapevo cosa fare!!

Mi doverto molto a leggere le tue interviste, specie per quanto riguarda il tuo amore per Shige, pensiamo praticamente le stesse cose!! (Persino il fatto che sia un adorabile vecchietto XD)

Grazie di condividere con noi tutto questo!!
wieauchimmernunwieauchimmernun on November 9th, 2011 08:51 pm (UTC)
thank you <3
oh, and i love you for having shige as your fav,
he is mine too :D
Maria: Shige Livex3mari_sora on November 9th, 2011 08:55 pm (UTC)
Eheheh. A movie is my other NEWS dream. Do it, guys! Poor Shige yet XD No role for him.

"M: Ah! I made a good one! "The clover that brings happiness!"
Nice, Massu! clover

Haha, did they talk so much it didn't even fit the issue? Hyperactiv. XD Thank you again for translation! And I can't but grin at the guy you told about being Shige fan. Why do they all prejudice a lack of his fans?! Poor guy. XD But now they'll know that he has fans even abroad. punch2
darkieraatkerani on November 9th, 2011 08:56 pm (UTC)
i wonder if the 90 minutes system means something like all-you-can-drink options in izakaya/bars/restaurants where you basically can drink anything you want in the course of 90 minutes/120 minutes. XD seems like shige can really wreck down tegoshi's place.

and i can so imagine a love comedy featuring NEWS only. XDDD if only they read the fanfictions. XDDDD

thank you for your translation ^^
Maye: Shigemayezinha on November 9th, 2011 09:01 pm (UTC)
It makes me so happy all those interviews!!!

Thanks for translating and sharing!
moka_n_waffles: tegoshi : aoi benchimoka_n_waffles on November 9th, 2011 10:06 pm (UTC)
Thanks a lot for translating, I had a nice time reading this and I laughed a lot. The "WE ARE PHOENIX!" thing had me XD. Tegoshi, why are you so awesome. XD
Megan: shigeyamapi_luver4 on November 9th, 2011 10:28 pm (UTC)
thank you again! i love reading this stuff! but... what is PK?

poor shige, they are so mean to him! but then again, it wouldnt be nearly as funny. i hope that he will one day be able to get his revenge! lol

can i join your class for that one day when they come back?!?!?!
oh poor shige (again), I LOVE YOU TOO!!! but... youre still not my #1 in NEWS... but you are just barely under koyama... you are almost tied with him!
spilledmilk25spilledmilk25 on November 9th, 2011 10:30 pm (UTC)
PK Penalty Kick, it's a soccer term ^^
(no subject) - yamapi_luver4 on November 9th, 2011 10:32 pm (UTC) (Expand)
Megan: shigeyamapi_luver4 on November 9th, 2011 10:31 pm (UTC)
i forgot to add this in my last comment...
also, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO A MOVIE!!! that would be sooooo awesome if they could!!! but poor shige is always left out... does anyone get the feeling they are taking advantage of him?! lol
its ok cause they are taking advantage of koyama too... so that means its just tegomass that isnt being taken advantage of! oh koyashige, you better get on the ball and fight back lol!!!
Melkimiko1387 on November 9th, 2011 11:28 pm (UTC)
LOL Thank You~!

I had kind of fallen out with NEWS articles but they've gotten interesting of late with the 4 member cross talks. :)
mushroombasirah_anati on November 11th, 2011 09:23 am (UTC)
agree~! the soukon team is just tooo funny ^^