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21 February 2010 @ 04:24 pm
NEWS meme again ^^  
A new(s) meme again, copied from Zazie-chan ^^

1. What is your first NEWS song? Do you still like it now?
Taiyou no namida~
At first I didn't like them, then I found myself singing it unconsciously...yeah I like it still now <3

2. What song that makes you remember NEWS the most?

3. What songs that remind you of the members respectively? (Either you like to count the members till 6 or 8 is up to you).
Shige - Sha la la tambourine *obviously*
Massu - Gan gan ganbatte *I like when he does the bicycle thingy XD*
Tegoshi - Kesenai *kirei voice*
Pi - Bambina *motto...kanjisasete ageru yo* XD
Ryo - Code *just love it*
Koyama - Chirarizumu or Love Addiction

4. Can you distinguish all of their vocals in Sayaendou? =)
Yes!! Shige has the nicest part :D

5. Whose your fav voice to hear in a song?
I'm in a fight >_>
Tegoshi has the best singing voice but it's kinda normal pretty voice.
Ryo has a wonderful special voice and I love how he sings.
But when I hear Shige's low voice singing my heart goes dokidoki... <3

6. What PV from the singles that you like most n why?
Summer Time - Funny and they look so handsome and cute together! You can see how much fun they had filming it together!

7. What song that makes you cry and or feeling sentimental when you listen to it?
Ai nante~~ I cried so much on it~ Once in the bus~ ç_ç

8. What song that could pump up your spirit and get you all excited?
Week!! :D

9. What song that makes you think "wow, this is not NEWS-like"?
Maybe Bambina for the content...but also Labirynth because it's so serious (And it's my favourite <3)
And I have to admit that I think that Sakura girl is a more Arashi-like title than NEWS-like but I have to listen to it :D

10. What song that you would like to hear when you're having a bad day?
I always listen to NEWS when I have bad days :D I like to hear Labirynth~  

11. People think in different ways, some people think that Shige can sing, some think he can't, some think he only sounds good when he sing his own song. So according to you, what song do you think Shige's voice is at its best, regardless whatever category you think he is?

I'm too partial to answer this I guess...btw
I like *special* voices over *correct* voices...let me explain. Singing for me is not only a talent because if you born with a correct melodic voice it's obvious that you can sing everything well, so people like Tegoshi can do everything greatly because they have a natural good voice. So usually I fall in love with people who sings with a *special* voice, maybe not a perfect voice but I like to hear people who put their own effort to the songs. For ex. when you hear Ryo singing you know that it's him, it can't be anyone else.
So, Shige is not a true great singer (he can't take high / long tunes and he doesn't control his voice very well) but I just love his voice because when you hear him you say "Oh it's Shige" and he's voice is low and husky, he can't sing anything he wants but his voice makes the difference inside NEWS, at least for me. On Ai nante is voice is just too special to bear ><
But I'm partial because I love him so don't mind me XD

12. What is your fav solo song?

13. Fav duet/trio song? (e.g. Ginza Rhapsody, Road, Kesenai etc)
Ai nante and Murarisuto :D

14. What song that you wish there was a PV for it?
Bambina O__O it must be HOOOOOT
And Ai nante again *_* but not only with Tegoshi ><

15. What song that is your least fav?
There are many...Say Hello...somehow I can't stand it (even if Pi counts in italian in the beginning XD)

16. What concert performance of a song that you like most?
Why? in the Diamond DVD *ç*

17. What is your fav song title and why? (It's not necessary whether you like the song or not)
I like the sound of the word XD And it's a so warm and nice feeling ^^

18. What solo song that you would like to see the other member perform it other than the original person?
Ohhh difficult...Massuperman must be funny XD

19. What is your fav song from Touch album?

20. What was your impression the 1st time you hear 'Koi no ABO' song?
"EHH?" But somehow I liked it since the first hearing XD

21. Your most fav NEWS motivational song? (e.g. Gan Gan Ganbatte, Kibou Yell, Teppen etc)
Weeek! XD When I hear it I feel like "Yoshhh~ let's goo!!" XD

22. And your most fav NEWS love song?
Ai nante è.é and Forever TwT wish somebody dedicate them to me ><

23. Among the members, who do you wish to see singing as duet that has not fulfilled yet?
RyoShige!!! *_____*

24. Is there any particular part of any song that you favour so much? (Like Tegoshi's high note in Koi no ABO, or Massu 'Bare bare yare yare' line in Share)

ShigeMassu in Labirynth:

Ano hi egaiteta mirai
Chanto mune no naka aru no?
Dare datte kitto tashikara
Kotae sagashitemo
Michi wa kuraku naru bakari

The future I pictured that day
is still in my heart?
Even if somebody will confirm it,
even if I search for the answers,
the path is just so dark.

Yeah, I like sad songs. When I hear this part I'm totally numb by it *_*

25. What song that you could memorize the lyrics well?

I know quite all of them XD Because I translated some so I remember them easily XD
Loveless in particular *_*

26. Which song that you like its choreography the most?
Chirarizumu ---- Learnt that for a cosplay fair XD
And I always do the finger thing of Cherish ahahhaha XD

27. Have you ever sing one of their songs in public/special event other than karaoke? (If the answer is yes, what was the song and what event was it?)
Nope ><  Me & my friend use to sing Seishuun Amigo together though XD

28. Any song that you would like to recommend to a non fan?
It depends on the tastes of the person!

29. What is one NEWS song that you most unfamiliar with?
A lot because I don't have their whole discography ^^''

30. Bambina or Ai no Matador?
Ai no matador!

31. Chirarizumu or Murarisuto?
Murarisuto, somehow I like it more :D

32. Can you guess from what song these lyrics are? Don't cheat ;)

Don't know ç ç gomen 

33. What song that you consider as their best single?
Koi no ABO *_* I'm love with that!

34. What is your all time fav song? That even though you were not a fan anymore, there is a huge possibility you would still think, "ah this is a really nice song".
Labirynth...yeah I said it so many times XD

35. Any wish, hope or anything you want to say?
I can't wait them to invade the TVshow for promoting the new dramas and single *_*
NEWS, I hope you'll make me work a lot to translate all your new stuff!! (Not that I want to work >_> but I hope you'll be very active) LOL
karin: I ♥ NEWSkarinbc on February 23rd, 2010 03:30 pm (UTC)
Very interesting meme, it makes me think and get to know better myself... can I take it? ^.^
I love Labyrinth so much too~~
spilledmilk25spilledmilk25 on February 23rd, 2010 03:39 pm (UTC)
Yes I'm curious to read your answers too ^^
stevenica: ShigeTegoshistevenica on February 23rd, 2010 07:38 pm (UTC)
can I take it, too >.<
Thanks anyway <3
ayumiyoshida90ayumiyoshida90 on February 27th, 2010 12:25 am (UTC)
it's interesting..
Can i take it too?
btw, i really love labyrinth too..
somehow it gives me spirit..
Karinawagahaiwaneko on March 16th, 2010 03:19 am (UTC)
YAY A NEWS meme!
Hi! Thanks in advance, 'cause I took it. Don't worry, I said I got it from you. It's posted on my wordpress, though. At anyrate, thank you thank you thank you!