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NEWS no NEWS 06.2010 - Koyama



Koyama-kun once in a week is in "news every.".
What is your part in this show?

"I interview people who work with all their mights and then I try to convey what I sensed to all the audience. For example, on the first episode, I met people with intellectual difficulties. There the most important thing is that those people have to find some places where they can work, I wanted to express this reality to the audience because it's so little known. I think this is my role".

For each interview you have to read many material and study, right?

"I think I'm lucky because they offered me the opportunity to experience a different work from the group's one. I think I'm a delegate of all the people that would like to interview. I think you can't convey the reality if you don't do it properly. More than difficult I think that studying is funny! It sends me in high spirits!"

Koyama-kun during the show works the writer, doctor and co-star Kamada Minoru.

"Kamada-san is the honor director of an hospital in Naganoken. He puts his efforts on the Terminal care, he attends the people who are close to death and he tries to create a place where those people can easily live. It's not only about the desease, I think it's wonderful how those patients are able to accept themselves and he tries to create a situation where the patients and their families can be completely satisfied. Next time I'll have to go for the coverage to that hospital too but it's impossible to imagine that reality only from the books, when I'll meet Kamada-san and the patients I think I'll be able to sense their wills of living from each one of their words. For all this I can't wait to do it".

I can't even guess how many books by Kamada-san you read before the show but which are the words that impressed you the most?

"When people have to face such a situation they think to many things but between the words of the people close to death there was this: "I want to teach to the people who are in health". Until now I never thought too deeply to death but I'm still happy to being able to take a walk around my house or to look at the tv while I'm home. When you're alive you're surrounded by things that can make you happy. After reading those books I started to find more moments that I can enjoy and be happy for".

At the end of the title "news every." there is a "." like the dot used on internet, it expresses the meaning of connecting many people together. Koyama-kun, what gives you the image of a "connection"?

"The thing that came suddenly in my mind is "people"! Like the connection between a person and the other. Then the experiences connect, the efforts too. For example since I met Kamada-san I was able to meet also his patients and their families. When I met the boys during "24hTV" I met the families and the sign language's teachers, after that I was connected with many other people. In the members' case, more than a connection "person to person" I'd talk about a connection through the experiences. I think that my experiences were possible for the presence of the others so if I have the opportunity to do more is thank to them".

What about the connection with the efforts?

"There surely are so many people who are doing their best. Besides, for example, even if you don't succeed the exams to enter the school you wish for this isn't a failure, you can still make some use of that result. I can say it now because I'm older but I know that when everything end you're not happy thinking how much you worked for it. When you fail you're so depressed but if you look in the past and you can think "Well, I didn't really give my best" it would be a waste. For this, I think that there are some feelings that only the people who do their best can sense. I think that after having felt such feelings you're absolutely connected to the next effort!"

Kanada-san wrote a famous book called "Ganbaranai (Don't try)". In which way this title echoes in your heart, Koyama-kun?

"I tried to read this book too and "Ganbaranai" is a word that a patient said. The meaning of this is really difficult, to understand it I think that more and more experience is needed. Trying to read the patient's story, until now I didn't even notice, but now that I think again to it, of course I can't sense no happiness at all but I feel like I've learnt something important about life"

A cheer like "Ganbatte!" to the people who are doing their best to the utmost limit may sound heavy but if you have a personal way to do it, please tell us!

"No matter how much you work, it's sad but you'll be judged only by your actual results. In those cases, you don't feel like doing your best again at all, you end up to think that it can't just be helped. I'm not in the position to tell something like "Ganbaranai". If I can say those words it would mean that I'm not gathering any experiences. The words "Ganbaranai" are too deep, too important....
I think it's something you can understand only after you've given your very very best so for now I'll just do it.


After translating this interview I'm more and more proud about Keii-chan. He's so adult and smart.
I felt moved ><

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