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Seventeen 2010.08 -Ryo Nishikido-

NEWS NO NEWS vol. 53  - Seventeen 2010.08

Nishikido Ryo @ Chonmage Life

His first main role in a movie and also his first challenge with the topknot style!!
An interview about this movie "Chonmage Purin", an experience full of first times <3

Credits: Inala

I baked a short cake

Basically I don't like sweet food, like Yasube, I never tried to cook them before but only once I baked a short cake. I was around 19-20 yrs old. My sister loved to prepare sweets so at home we had recipe books and all the ingredients. And then I thought: "I'm free, let's try". All alone in full night I baked a cake. It was rather funny. If I will have free time and guests to eat it maybe I'll try again.

What if I go back to Edo era?

Since Yasube came at our time, what would happen if I find myself in Edo era? Firstly, I would have to change my clothes from these western ones to a kimono, I could sell out all my objects as "foreign goods"!! I would try my best to adapt myself to Edo era but...I'm not sure I can succeed. Like, isn't everybody walking around with weapons (katana)!? And then they all follow the offence rules, right!? That is already enough to scare me (lol). There wouldn't be "music" too, it'd be hard. During Edo era there was only traditional music, just hearing that as BGM would make me feel bad!

My first main role in "Chonmage Purin"

My role in the movie is a samurai, Kijima Yasube, who arrived to our present days from the Edo era. When I read the script honestly I thought: "How can I possibly do this!?". Like, the script lines were all "~de gozaru" "~de orimousaru"*, understood!? I felt really unconfortable (lol). But then I tried to cheer me up "Somehow I'll do it!" and during the filming I felt closer to Yasube.

*The speech is in classical japanese.

I can't become an husband like Yasube!!

On the present Yasube meets the single mother of a kid and he ends up doing the houseworks for her...I can't become as Yasube. Firstly, I suck at houseworks. The thing I hate the most is cleaning!! So basically my room is dirty. The first thing I do when I come back home is taking off my shoes and socks so on my floor there are many rolled socks (lol). And in the same way on the floor there's a mess of clothes...even if I wash them, they go back to a mess immediately. I expecially hate to fold clothes. I hang everything in the clòset like this. Isn't this more efficient? Uhmm...thought my T-shirt have all wrinkles on the shoulders because of the hanger.

My first topknot

This is the first time that I try the topknot hairstyle. The impression to wear it..."It hurts! (Ittai!)" is the first word that comes to my mind. The hair are tied so tight, you feel like you have an iron claw on your head. Sensui-san was the one who always patiently made my hairstyle but...everytime I saw him I couldn't help but think all sad: "Here we are again, the pain time has come". I think that during the filming I started to hate him. But it's not Sensui-san's fault at all (lol).

I love children just like Yasube but...don't know why kids hate me (lol)

I really love children but...the most of the times I make them cry. I have two nephews and only one niece but I really can't make my littlest nephew love me. When I hug him he begins to scream for help crying: "Papaaaaaa!! Papaaaaaa!!". When I gave him 10000 yen for the New Year holidays he told me all smily: "Otane (Okane=Money) arigatou" thought...

Ultimate NEWS

I went to Okinawa and I took the diving licence. Let me say this, I am the one who taught Yasu how to dive!! And then he passed over me and took the licence before me...that's why I wanted to take the licence too (lol). In reality I prefer to go to the sea and floating around than dive.

This was hilarious XDDD
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