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Tomorrow will be the last day of the year.
2009 has been a year not very busy for me. I hope 2010 will be more active :)

My fandom has become bigger and bigger now is HUGE....is this good? Who knows, I only know that thanks to this fandom I met a bunch of wonderful people and good friends, that in the blue times the music or the video of some guys we all know well cheered me up and sometimes they motivated me to go on.

I think that even a little little little thing that is able to make people smile and feel good worth work and time.
Being in this world of crazy fangirls I learnt that Sharing is Caring (I own you one Riina-chan ;) ) and for this I decided to translate the very last scans with NEWS:

SEVENTEEN 2010 - NEWS NO NEWS (vol.47)

Kato Shigeaki

2009 was really a year of work (lol). I acted alone in the theatre show SEMINAR. The pression was huge. But if the pression is high you can do your best, right? For this, I worked hard. By the way, I tried to learn the whole script before the rehearsal. I decided "I'll do like this!" and I really did.
With NEWS I was in "24hTV". I played live the instrument called Steel Pan, it was the first time. If I couldn't do it by myself anybody would ever see it so I worked really hard to do it.
Basically I don't like myself but while I was working with all my might I became able to like myself just a little. I gained a little of self-confidence. Like "Maybe I can rely on the actual Shige" (lol).
I wish that in 2010 will come out some good movies. Really, also some extras are good! Then, I'd like to try rock climbing unarmed, without using the bouldering.
Readers all, since in 2010 Kato Shigeaki will do his best, live doing your best too!

[I love you, really T_T But don't go to rock climbing, you'll get injured for sure LOL]

Masuda Takahisa

"I'll have a new transformation!"...basically I don't have such wishes. I mean, I think that maybe the actual way is good for me. For this, I never change anything about my body, my mind, my muscles (lol). But I have great care of my meals. More than training I think that it's important to try to keep a regular life, like to not eat too late, to have a complete nutrition.
The thing that I like the most recently are clothes! I always loved clothes but I liked my favourite clothes too much, I never understood when wearing them was always ok (lol), I always missed the timing. In the end, I always just thought that with Jeans and T-shirt I couldn't go wrong...but recently I began to try wearing clothes that I never used before. Right now my favourite item is the light parka.
Basically I go to shopping alone. One time Nishikido-kun came with me but his way to decide is too fast, I couldn't follow him at all (lol).
2010 will be my year (Year of Tiger) so I want it to be a good year. Everybody too try to spend each single day smiling and having fun!!

Tegoshi Yuya

About 2009, for first, there was the first Tegomasu tour! I was so happy that everybody came to hear our songs. Everytime I hear the people scream the songs in the end I feel moved. I feel like crying and freeze.
Side by side with the tour, it began the first time challenge with the show "Dream boys", at times it was very heavy but with Kamenashi-kun and Subaru-kun we met to talk and resolve everything. At the beginning I was uncertain but staying on the stage everyday and having success it ended to be a good experience!
It was a year when I became way more adult expecially in the emotional side that can't be very seen.
It was a very satisfactory year with work but on the other side I hadn't too much time for myself, I'm sorry that I couldn't go to surfing.
I can't wait to go surfing & snowboarding on 2010!
I want a good year on-off. Everyone of you readers too, think to what you want for improve.
I don't have a big knowledge about fashion but reading Seventeen I found a lot of kawaii clothes! For this, let's do some researches and improve our appereances and interior <3

Yamashita Tomohisa

The first memory of 2009 is "Buzzer Beat" with the scene of the so long desired goal. It was the last chance, just when I could destroy everything, being cheered by everyone "Go!" I scored...GOAL! Everybody screamed "Wooooh". In that moment, the gods came down (lol).
In 2009 I tried to not saying lies no more and to be able to say NO. But of course, I still have to do even what I don't want to. But I also try to explain why and what I think about it. Right now I want to pursue the things that I like. Sometimes I'm busy and I forget about it but during the concerts in the dance lessons I remember "I love dancing". This became extremely big inside of me.
Of course is natural that you'll end to do more what you like, isn't it? For this, in 2010 I want to fall in love for song and dance even more. Then I want to discover new things and new things that I like.

[Talking about the buzzer beat or about the kiss scenes with Keiko? XDXD]

Koyama Keiichiro

The new challenge of "24hTV" with NEWS. It was a big honour, I was moved thinking "Now I sing Sarai" and I receaved a lot of courage by the smiles of all the people that performed with me. I feel very grateful for doing this wonderful job. More than anything else, I'm proud about the sign language that I learnt during the show. After 24hTV I went on to study it of course. I also did the 4th level exam, while I'm waiting for the score I'm studying for the other one but I wonder if I passed it!
In my private life I went to Okinawa and in Korea. In Okinawa I relaxed a lot and in Korea I had fun learning the culture and visiting the cities. Now I'm also studying Korean. I want to be able to talk it soon.

Nishikido Ryo

I have a weak will, for example even if I use to think "Ok I'll stop this" in the end I can't barely stop. To beat into a shape this side of me I also went abroad and tried Bunjee Jumping but...human beings can't change easily like this (lol). But, my first experience in Bunjee Jumping bacame a good memory of the 2009, I'm happy. And the scenary was great too. I could do this impressive travel. Next I want to go to Paris. The atmosphere of the city is fantastic and I want to taste the good wine. Of course I'll work hard too! It's hard to put it, while we're groping in the dark we still go on and on, then this same time of the next year, we will think that in the end it was a good year. This is what I wish for 2010. Readers all, next year read again Seventeen and become a even prettier girl!

[He was so deep but he wasted all in the end XD]

Credits for the scans: aya-takarai.livejournal.com/
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