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Seventeen 2011.01 - Translation

Seventeen 2011.01 - The last interview

As maybe many of you already know this month's issue was the last appereance of NEWS on Seventeen's pages. NEWSのNEWS is over ^^ This is the last special interview to the guys from the magazine. It's really nice and moving.
Ps: I got the scans from Riina-chan, she personally photographed her own copy of the magazine so I don't have the scans, I guess they'll be out soon though ^_^

Q: What do you think looking back to your first serialization (in the magazine)?

P: So nostalgic~ It was just after NEWS' debut. To be short and honest I don't remember it at all but thinking back over it makes me realize how many time I spent together with the members. Being together so much we were able to understand each other a lot. Just as then now we're good friends and we get very excited being together. Our atmosphere is the best right now.

K: "From a monochrome old picture you can sense history" (all serious). From then, hairstyles, appereances, clothes...it's all different! At that time I  was so flashy!! Of course I had no self-confidence then so probably I relied a little on the exterior appereances. I think that if I'd meet that person in the street now I'd be scared (lol). Ah, by the way the "I sleep everyday with Nyanta, it makes me heal" part is something that hasn't changed  ♥

R: I used to say that I was 171cm tall but it was a lie (lol). There were people saying they were 170 and I was a little bigger than them so I used to say 171. Anyway we were properly measured then. I was 169cm. Sorry, I didn't know but I told a lie, I stole 2 cm!

S: Waah, I was the one in charge for NEWS' still images! There were a lot of members more photogenic than me though~ That was the very result of youth vitality (lol). Right now I guess I am the one in charge of internal NEWS management. A member of the staff once told me: "Shige, you became the connecting tube between the members". If it's true I won't be ashamed of looking back to myself in the future!


M: We were so young...however, we looked more tight than now! Our way of talking to each other didn't change at all though.
Something like "I'm so happy when I finish working and I find many mails or calls on my phone!". Or when a tv show ends I used to send mails "I saw you in TV!". Now I receive 1-2 of them at maximum. I guess that the fact that I'm in TV became pretty obvious to my friends.

[He's always so Off Topic!! XD]

T: Uwah. I used to say by myself "Leave the singing to me!". I was such an hot shot! Now I would never say something like that (lol). At that time my specialty was doing the moonwalk with fingers. Yeah, I did that a lot! It was pretty popular at school. By the way that time I was more the Tegoshi of the soccer club who wanted to become a J-leaguer than Tegoshi of NEWS. I was a little in conflict (lol). Right now though being a NEWS' member makes all my days amusing.

Q: It's been 6 years and half that you're in this magazine. What changed since then?

P: Comparing myself to the one of that time, my body is definitively bigger! Well, simply I became more adult on the exterior. I was so tiny then! And my comments too, I sounded so young~ During the first interviews I was still a student so my main thought was "I have to study". Of course now that I only work the responsibilities are higher.

K: The fashion pretty changed, don't you think? In the past I loved to look nice and rockish. I want to look nice now too but in a simpler, neater way. You know, no matter what, now I think that simple is the best. When I was into rock style I loved to use golden accessories, now I don't use them anymore. During our first photoshooting I loved sunglasses, now I prefer to wear normal glasses.

R: I think that my way of thinking changed a lot in the last 2 years. Of course everybody is different and it's not possible to be always approved but I want to try to be understood. This is what I think now. I can't find any other differences. My favourite girls are still Fujiko Mine-type (lol). Ah, now to the question "Describe NEWS as a family" I'd answer: Yamapi = Cousin, Masuda = Little sister. I mean, he's the most feminine in the group (lol). No objections on this.

[LOL this is so mean!! He always says the worst things in the most casual way XD LOL]

S: When I was a college student I was more inclined to love. At that time I had many opportunities to meet new people and I was always in high spirits, I enjoyed a lot making new friends. Right now I use the energy I put into love at that time to refine myself. Like movies or fishing...To be extreme the subject of my interests changed from people to fishes (lol).

[Shige sometimes is such a SAD MAN lol Poor guy XD]

M: On the interior I simply became adult. I began to take care of myself by my own, I learnt how to talk after thinking carefully.  Then it's a little off topic but after I played a role in RESCUE I feel that I'm a little more known by people (lol).

T: That time I used to say that I loved black hair but now I'm so blond (lol). Massu beside me just said that in the group I'm the one who changed the most in those 6 years, I guess he was talking about the appereances. Then, I used to love Tonkotsu Ramen, now I prefer simpler dishes.

Q: On the opposite, what didn't change in these 6 years?

P: I used to say that my favourite movie is "Forrest Gump" and I love it still now. But maybe with my actual mood I'd say "The Shawshank Redemption". Both the movies have some points in common so I guess that there is a line of connection that never changes between my favourite movies. I love works that describe the ties, the trust between people. In the past my favourite dishes were Sushi and Yakiniku, now they are Ramen and Curry. All these are dishes that usually children love (lol).

K: My point of view on love...I think it's still very easy to find out when I'm in front of a girl I like. I always try to talk a lot to her. But maybe in the past I had no big interest in trying to see the interior of girls, I mean, I just parted them in the cute type, the beautiful type, etc. Just recently I started to think to girls as the possible partner of my life. I want to marry when I'll be 32-33 yrs old, it's always been like this and my wishes are very strong!

R: Basically I didn't change but there are words that seems weird to me but that I like and use a lot. Like "Suggoi (Cool)", "Kyokugen (The utmost limit)" or "Warito (Relatively)", I expecially use the last one a lot. The style I love the most is Tshirt and leather jacket. I really didn't change so much.

S: When I still lived with my parents I used to say "When I'll live alone I want to live in a house in undressed concrete that doesn't seem to be lived". My own appartment is very close to that ideal. I loved when a friend told me "This house is so pretty, it seems that nobody lives here!". The walls are not in undressed concrete, though. A house like that must be so hot in Summer and so cold in Winter (lol).

T: I don't say "Leave it to me" anymore (lol) but I still love singing more than anything else. And I still hate to lose too. Maybe I detached a little to being able to look to myself from some distance. Maybe I assumed the spectators' point of view? In the past I said that I'd have liked to try to be a woman and now I really dressed myself as one. I did that also in the latest concerts ♥

M: To the question "What would you do if you didn't do this job?" my answer is always "Since I love movement I'd love to be a gym instructor or a P.E teacher!". A teacher would be the best. A middle school teacher!

Your aims and predictions for the future


Personally I'd love to do the things I love as a real profession. Like being able to set up an individually exposition for my photos, do a show about fishing with Ohno-kun or being chosen as regular in a tv show! Talking about fishing I want to break a mondial record! Like fishing the world's biggest Tuna and end up in the newspapers of many countries!!
My aim as NEWS is to be known by a larger number of people. I want our songs to be so famous that they'll be in textbooks in 10 years! At that point Yamashita-kun would live in Hawaii and Nishikido-kun would be wandering the world (lol). Massu would be a "Uta no Oniisan" and Tegoshi a soccer commentator! Koyama would have inherited the ramen shop and simply work there (lol). Then Ramen will be introduced to the "Processional legislation bureau" and he'll create a national chain of stores, after that he will succeed abroad too!
With this the 23 years old Kato Shigeaki graduates from Seventeen. We'll meet again in who knows what other pages!!

[This was so sweet and so amusing, sounded like some little kid talking about future... *///*]


This is our last issue here but I want to go on being a presence that can cheer up everybody. Being always good friend with the other members and stay as close as possible to the fans. We'll grow older all together. I want to do a big number of concerts and being in this group hereafter. I've always been running forward, to being able to go on I think it's important to save time.
Koyama is under a study fever, I hope he'll go on like this. I want him to do his best also as a newscaster. Tegoshi will always sing his beloved song and dash. Shige with his many hobbies like camera and fishing will be a great papa~ Massu who loves to eat will continue explorating new restaurants, please recommend me good ones! Ryo-chan will surely become a charming old man who enjoys life. He wants to live by the sea. Maybe I should live near the beach too, who knows (lol).

[After the many issues with Pi this definitively moved me T_T Thanks leader <3]


If in 6 years I didn't change a lot won't I just go on being the same? I don't depend on anybody, I like what I like, I hate what I hate. What I thought yesterday I'll think tomorrow. And Mayas said that the world will end in 2012 however. Not that I really believe in it (lol). It's important to live the present with lot of energy.
The prediction of living in the future near the sea, as Pi said, is a good idea. Pi too became an adult without never change, just like me. Massu now has a great body but he should be careful to not get fat eating all those hamburgers! Koyama probably in 10 years we'll be 190cm tall, he never stops to grow. Shige's hair are so fast to grow so he  better be afraid of baldness. Tegoshi said that he has backache so I hope it won't aggravate (lol). Thank you for reading me for so many time on Seventeen. Take care of me again from now on!

[I love the first lines of this ^^ So Ryo-like...he's so mean again XD]


My predictions...Yamapi in the futur will be a super idol famous in all the world and he will do concerts in many countries. Ryo-chan too will be an important actor and he will star in an Holliwood movie! Tegoshi is the immortal idol of course. I want him to always have roles of the cool boy, hero of Shojo mangas. Massu in 10 years will have 5 kids and he will be rewarded as Best Father. At that time Shige will be growing bonsai at his own garden, there he will display his own designed objet d'art, he'll be in full creative boom! Only Massu and Shige will be so plain (lol). About me, I'd be happy to being able to stay in TV and talk just like I'm doing now. I don't think that I'm not fullfilled. 

[Here the page was cut so I lack few lines...Poor Shige he really is a sad human being LOL I laughed so much to Massu's future XD]


Everybody's future? Yamashita-kun will be working also abroad, maybe he'll be singing even in America. Nishikido-kun will become an international actor, I'd like to see him as a cool detective in a work like "24". Koyama-kun will work in a news show and become the host who will directly interview the politics. Shige will do things, something artistic I guess. Produce clothes or have exhibitions. Massu too loves clothes so he will sell his own designed clothes and have a shop. My dream is to be the official reporter for the next soccer World Cups! Doing different things on our own and as NEWS' members I think it will be good if we never change in a positive meaning. The concentration and ties that we have when we come back to NEWS after many solo activities is our strenght. We had difficult times but we could overcome them, I want to enlarge my view even more. I'll do my best to become a person who can push the others to go on.

[Doing stuff, being artistic LOL Shige is so high-valued by members XD]


I think that Yamashita-kun will be a very important actor in the future. Maybe Tegoshi will finally be a soccer player (lol). When Koyama will be 40 will still be worried about dyeing his hair black or blond! To Shige who has many hobbies the best will be to be able to connect them to his job. Nishikido-kun will work with cultural magazines, he may be a man who recommend about life style. About me, I want to enlarge the things I can do from now on. And then I want to go to Sweden! When I went there the atmosphere was so good. I don't want to live there but I want to have friends there and travel a lot. In the end, I want to adjust all the wrong parts of me! I want to be clean not only on the exterior but also on the interior. I want to be a honest man, like not saying bad things to the others...During this long period here I grow up along with the readers, I'll do my best from now on too to become the man I aim to be!


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